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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
112211935414846782918266122*Douglas RogersSpringwood2018/20192nd Grade1 1St Clair Hawks
211617532014846782922717116*Robert LeslieSpringwood2018/20199th Grade1 1Glenmore Park
3747940161484678291560274Ryley SmithSpringwood - Adamson2018/2019Under 161 1St Clair Hawks
4729129791484678291698172Dean T WatkinsSpringwood2018/20191st Grade2 1Cranebrook
5669629241484678291560666Max BeckerSpringwood - Adamson2018/2019Under 162 1Glenbrook Blaxland - Khawaja
6626669711484678291580262Charlie GriffithSpringwood - Filmer2018/2019Under 151 1Colyton St Clair
7609129791484678291697860*Dean T WatkinsSpringwood2018/20191st Grade1 1Emu Plains
8549710021484678292258054Brendan BaylissSpringwood2018/20197th Grade2 1Glenmore Park
95211523981484678291560652Blake JonesSpringwood - Adamson2018/2019Under 162 1Glenbrook Blaxland - Khawaja
105010414851484678291581050*Brady HughesSpringwood - Filmer2018/2019Under 153 1Springwood - Thomas
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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