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Batting Partnerships

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1139 Elijah Craig - William Wright Springwood Cricket ClubUnder 115 1 Penrith RSL - Gold
278 Oliver Summerfield-Ryan - Dean Watkins Springwood Cricket Club1st Grade6 1 Emu Plains
395 Dean Watkins - Rydall Govender Springwood Cricket Club1st Grade1 1 Emu Plains
479 Douglas Rogers - Nathan Hunt Springwood Cricket Club2nd Grade1 1 St Clair Hawks
5108 Max Becker - Blake Jones Springwood Cricket ClubUnder 162 1 Glenbrook Blaxland - Khawaja
635 Alexander Kerkham - Ayden Balson Springwood Cricket ClubUnder 12 Division 14 1 Colyton St Clair Colts
743 Mitchell Duncan - Marc Munro Springwood Cricket Club9th Grade8 1 Glenmore Park
843 Luke Boyes - Adam Boyes Springwood Cricket Club7th Grade4 1 Glenbrook Blaxland
937 Dylan Krasny - Paul Devaney Springwood Cricket Club2nd Grade7 1 Glenbrook Blaxland
10No partnerships of 25 runs or greater     

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